Student Comments and Predictions:

- Grow a seed into a different kind of seed, maybe a flower
- They are going to take their time and make into something
- The water will make them grow
- Water and sun will make them grow
- Grass will grow
- The sun will make them hot and thirsty then they will grow.
- They could grow without soil, just with water and sun.
- It needs lots of time to grow.
- It will need to go outside but it will start to grow inside.
- They will get healthy with water and sun.
- the one at the bottom will do something very different
- the seeds at the top will get more sunlight and do something different
- the bottom seed will get more water and be a big seed.
- the top ones will grow a different thing.
- Maybe the seeds will grow and get smushed in the glass
- They could grow sideways
- probably the seeds will get smushed so we will have to take them out and plant them in the ground.
- the seeds might not grow much at all.

Day 7
Class 1
- the cat grass has roots under them
- they are growing but they might need soil or water or gardening.
- there roots growing on the top too
- The peas are not growing
- Maybe the peas take longer to grow
- The peas can’t grow because they are not quick
- They need time to grow.
- The ones in the pots are growing already

Class 2
- I think I saw a squiggly line. I think it was a pea plant.
- I saw that both of the cat greass the grew sideways
- A little of the cat grass grew
- The bottom seed was growing that much.
- The cat grass, I saw it grow one way and the other one grew the other way.
- The pea top was coming out.

Day 9
Class 1
- They were growing because they had water.
- About all the roots are growing
- The cat grass has green over it, the grass it growing
- They were really polite and had roots
- There are some leaves coming up, becuase water made them grow
- The seeds look like they are starting to open and a little bit of plant was coming out of the seed.
- It needs sun and water, the cat grass and peas are having roots
- The might need fresh air now
- They are eating water.

Class 2

- One is sticking up into the air
- The cat grass didn’t grow, only one did
- One of the seeds are starting to grow
- One of hte seeds looked like it was turning alittle bit
- The one cat grass that wasn’t growing looks like it is starting to at the top
- The cat grass is bigger
- One of the plants has leaves and the others don’t
- the grass is growing tall
- the pea is lower than the cat grass

Day 11
Class 1