We want to see if our beans will germinate even though it is autumn (fall) for us.

Thursday May 10: Day 15The roots on the beans that have sprouted have only grown a couple of millimetres longer.B4finalbean.jpg
The inside-facing beans have not changed at all.We don't think our bean sprouts will get much bigger at all.Perhaps it is too cold. :(

Friday May 4: Day 9SAM_1385.jpg

Wednesday May 2: Day 7
Some of the beans have cracks in them and one has sprouted.
They are the beans that were facing out of the room, towards the sun, not into the room.


Thursday April 26: Day 1We 'planted' our bean seeds.We've put some on the window above the radiators where they will get some heat.B4beans2.jpg

We put some on the door windows, away from the radiators. B4beans1.jpg