We put the seeds in the bag. Each kid had a seed. All the seeds were white, smooth and hard. Each person folded a paper towel, wet it and squeezed out the extra water. We put our seeds on our towels and put them in small zip bags. Everyone had a label with their name on their bag. We put the seeds on the front, facing the label and then we closed our bags. Our windows are small so we put our bags on the bulletin board so that there would be enough room. We each made a labeled drawing and wrote about what we did and put it in our science books. Now we are waiting for our seeds to grow.
wetting the towel

white, hard, smooth bean seed
putting the seed and the towel in the bag
labeled drawing and writing about our work
We had to take down our math words to hang up our seeds.
the cracked seed April 27

apriil 27 2012
most of our beans dld not change. onebeanisopen. it cracked and theres. a thing sticking out.
Typed by jeremy, dion, conner,Draeden, kirsten

April 30 2012
Dion "It's broken, growing, it's green and white."
Draeden "It's growing up. Green. White. It's open."
Jeremy "My seed is white and green. It's growing up. It has little lines."
Conner "It's not growing. It has a white root."
Rickayla "Mine is growing. It slipped out."
Trinity "It's growing. Green. It has white roots."
Angel " My seed is growing and this is white. These poky lines, white is roots. And my seed is long.

May 4 2012
my plant is groayin have of it is rip by aidyn

my seed is growing big it was big than yesterday it is grow big. by jeremy.

my plant is growing haif it is ripped by dion

my seed is growing it roots sprut by Trinity

my seed is erouing by conner

hotix sq i like my seed is growing by rickayia

my seed is growing by landon

my seed is growiing by kirsten

my seed is grooing big and shjog mynis and pat seed bui angel my seed is a pooswilo by Angel

my bean is
growing a stem by draeden

May 11 2012

my seed/plant is growing long kirsten

may 14
my seed is growing it has big life wen i look at yesterday it wes smoll life. it has smoll down i do not wate is that. by jeremy.

my plant is growying aidyn