This will be where Ms. Lirenman's (and Ms. Will's) grade one class will add their plant observations.

Today is Monday, April 23, 2012. We started our seeds six days ago. Today our seeds still look the same as they did when we planted them last week. We can't see any roots or stems growing yet. Hopefully tomorrow we will see something different. From Julie Division 16

April 25, 2012

Some plant writing we did last week when we started our pocket plants.


April 27, 2012

Today our seeds are ten days old. Some of the seeds are broken in half and some of them aren't. One of them started to grow a bit of roots and a little stem. The roots are only little but when it grows the roots are going to be bigger. The roots and the stem broke through the seed coat. From Trista, Division 16


May 2, 2012

My seed had mold on it so I started a new seed five days ago. It is just cracked a little. Alicia's seed has a root. It is about 1 cm long. Huda has a long root but we can't show you hers. Trista's has a stem. Julie has a cracked seed with roots and a stem. By Eric Div 16





May 7, 2012

Today Alicia is reporting on our seeds. Some of our seeds have gone rotten but most seeds have grown. I saw roots on a lot of our seeds. Some root are long, and some roots are little. Lots of people have stems too. Here is a picture of my seed.